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We develop voice apps for Alexa and can accelerate your voice app development through its lifecycle.

Alexa Skill Interaction Design
Voice Apps are a new paradigm and require fresh thinking. Natively Alexa apps do not have a visual UI or any other input methods. Skills must be very carefully designed to be as user friendly as possible. We design interaction models, utterances, slots, intents and fulfillment.

Alexa Skill Feasibility & Positioning
We can assess the feasibility of developing an Alexa Skill for your product or brand relative to the competitive positioning in the voice app store.

Phrase Development
Usability requires that a user be able to interact with your skill as close to real world language as possible. Amazon recommends hundred of sample utterances be authored per intent.

Audio Response Production
Alexa Skills can respond to the user in various ways. The simplest is to use Alexa’s voice, using the SSML mark-up to control intonation. But Alexa can also, or in addition, return pre-recorded sound. Depending on your use case you may want to consider recording audio.

Visual Response
We can send cards to the Alexa app or integrate more closely with your companion app.

App Integration & Authentication
We handle the authentication work for your skill and can integrate with your external API or resources.

Alexa Skill Develop & Deploy
We develop your skill with best development practises, generally deploying on AWS lambda, or your custom architecture. We manage submission for certification by Amazon.

Alexa Skill Metrics and Monitoring
We can help you decide how to monitor your Skills, and we can take an active role in business intelligence.


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