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Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google:

“In the long run, we’re evolving from a ‘mobile-first’ to an ‘Ai-first’ world.”



Our advisory services cut through the hype and help you determine the desirability, feasibility and viability of using AI in your product or business case. Our research evaluates hundreds of powerful AI SAAS Tools, Platforms and Code Libraries available today. We model implementation and scaling costs, design architectures and undertake development projects.

AI is in a hype cycle, but in Dec 2016 only 18% of tech companies reported using it. This will rise dramatically over the next three years, with major players going AI-first in a product and service environment that is increasingly AI-everywhere. AI is not a panacea but it will soon be table stakes.


We leverage the best AI tech to bring innovation and exceptional value to your product or service. Our solutions are cost-effective, cloud-based and designed to scale massively.

  • Chatbot Solutions
  • Voice bots on Alexa and Google Home
  • Image & Video Perception
  • Text Extraction, Categorization & Tagging
  • Prediction & Recommendation
  • Semantic Search


Advancements in AI are revolutionizing product development with solutions that are increasingly interactive, predictive, reactive and aware. Below are the main areas of AI that we focus on:

  • Extraction

    Extraction is the process of finding meaning in unstructured text content. Extraction can leverage the value of media and document inventories, power semantic search and help understand what users are saying.

    • Text Extraction
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Entity Extraction
    • Relation Extraction
    • Keyword Extraction
    • Author Extraction
    • Concept Tagging
    • Classification
    • Language Detection
    Extract meaning from unstructured text sources like social feeds, articles and documents. Get in touch

    Perception gives software the ability to recognize and identify based on visual or audio data, skills we usually associate with seeing and hearing.

    • Logo Detection
    • Object Recognition
    • Product Recognition
    • Color Recognition
    • Location Recognition
    • Photo Search
    • Photo Grouping
    • Photo Classification & Tagging
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Facial Recognition
    • Emotional Recognition
    • Intent Recognition
    • Gesture Recognition
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  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning is the star of early AI efforts, generally requiring a fair amount of data and expertise. We can get you started.

    • Supervised Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Neural Networks
    • Prediction
    Take advantage of one of the most exciting developments in recent tech. APPLY LEARNING
  • Bots

    A bot is a unit of automation, an autonomous agent, and they can be created and employed on many platforms. Not all bots can carry on a conversation. Whether you need to build an assistant or a bot army, we can help.

    • Automation
    • Data Mining
    • Maintenance and Monitoring
    • Support Agents
    • Assistants
    • Ecommerce and Transactions
    Bots shall inherit the earth. LEARN MORE ABOUT BOTS
  • Conversation

    Machine learning has led to drastic improvements in voice recognition, resulting in a new age of natural language interfaces. Multiple native platforms now support voice applications and there are powerful tools for creating voice controlled products and chatbots.

    Check out our blog to learn more about:

    • Alexa Skills
    • Google Assistant Actions
    • Chatbots
    • Voice Command and Control
    • SSML
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